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I am Carolina Gerding, executive coach helping lawyers and executives manage stress, adjust focus and lift off!

Are you ready for things to get better?

Let’s get you there.

If you are here, you may want to:

Prevent and manage stress, burn-out and self-sabotaging

Improve work / life balance

Attract and nurture authentic connections to the right people for you in business and in your personal life

Navigate professional and personal transitions

Build solid confidence to go for that promotion, pay raise, access better clients or a new market

Develop your own leadership profile

Let’s work together so you can:

Say yes to finally getting a good night of sleep

Wave goodbye to the frustration / guilt cycle

Develop meaningful personal and work relationships

Be unshakable whilst on a rocky personal and professional boat

Create and embrace opportunities fearlessly

Lead your team authentically

Let’s Get you there


Hi! I’m Carolina Gerding. I participate in and organise workshops and retreats on various topics around leadership, career transitions, cultural diversity, work / life balance and more.


I am an Argentinean / French Technology and Telecom lawyer with 15 years’ experience, and ICF Certified Coach (ACC) specialised in Career Transitions and Leadership based in Dubai.

With a multicultural background and having lived and worked in 7 different countries, I coach lawyers and executives who, in different stages of their life and career, wish to define success and fulfillment for themselves and take effective action to grow into their desired life and roles.

Let’s get you there,