My story begins in Argentina where I was born and raised. I first started practicing law with Baker McKenzie in Buenos Aires and later moved to France where I obtained a Master’s Degree in Multimedia and Telecommunications Law. I worked in-house for 11 years in Paris taking on multicultural negotiations with government entities around the world before I moved to the Middle East in 2015. Degrees, honors, credentials, it’s all here.

I have been married for 15 years into a different culture and I am raising 2 kids in Dubai, a diverse and exhilarating place.

I personally and professionally interact daily in Spanish, English and French. I believe that honouring each person’s authentic self, their roots and building a diverse future are compatible endeavours.

The legal profession has brought me much satisfaction as it has provided me with an array of experiences that at times “forced” my path into self-development.

I used to ask myself

Why does it all have to be this hard?
How could I make things happen for me and not to me?
How can I stop hustling for work, make better connections and enjoy the ride?

As a professional woman the inner struggle is real: How can one live in harmony with what society and our assumed roles demand of us and stay true to our values? What I do every day has a purpose, but does this fit what I believe is MY purpose?

My training as an executive coach has allowed me to answer these questions for myself and to support others in the discovery of their own answers.

My clients’ first insight is usually around the definition of success.

Many of us have accepted a definition of success in terms that prevent us from ever getting to it.

I’ve set out to help lawyers and executives define success and fulfilment for themselves.

Working together to design a life in which:

We all have a different definition of success that works for us.

The formula to get us there varies depending on the stage of our life.

This is my chosen definition of success today for me. Success is harmony.

My success formula encompasses:

I look forward to helping you find a definition of success and the precise success formula that works for you.

Let’s get you there.

Why coach with me

As communication style goes, I am warm, articulate, funny and unapologetically frank. Your intentions and your time are precious, and I will hold your agenda without judgement.

Your story is safe with me. I provide a safe space to vent, process, grieve and move on. Our conversations are confidential and whatever you have done or endured; you can rest assured, there is no judgment. As a lawyer I have heard, seen and advised on a vast number of personal and professional situations before. 

You will progress in the measure of your input. Coaching brings to surface many unconscious elements and it can be a moving, emotional and also exhilarating experience. I’ll support you through the different stages.

You can make discoveries, gain valuable insights, and be motivated to put action plans in place in as short as a single session or it may take you longer to vent, release and identify the core issues. Whatever the need, I am here to support you.

Each person is different and is ready to move and progress at their own pace depending also on their own preoccupations. You’ll feel when that is it for you and I will respect that while holding you to your potential and your objectives.

Come as you are today so you can be who you want to be tomorrow.


  • Certified Professional Coach (CPC) Certification, iPEC Institute for Professional Excellency 
  • International Coaching Federation, Associate Certified Coach (ACC) 
  • Energy Leadership Index Assessment, Master Practitioner (ELI-MP)
  • Certified Emotional Intelligence Coach Practitioner 
  • Certificate in Neuroscience Coaching 
  • Access Consciousness Certified Practitioner
  • University of Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires, Argentina: Abogada (JD Equivalent) 
  • Université Panthéon Assas (Paris II), Paris, France: Master Degree on Multimedia and Information Technology Law
  • BAR ADMITTANCE – France (2009), Buenos Aires, Argentina (2003)
  • University of Buenos Aires Merit Scholarship: Full scholarship to post-graduate exchange program in Boston University School of Law, Boston, USA.
  • Eiffel Excellence Scholarship Program of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs to Master’s Degree program in Université Panthéon Assas (Paris II), Paris, France.

Fun Facts About Me

Only one of these is false,

– I have a golf handicap of 5
– I study improvisation acting and enjoy making people laugh
– The French government paid for my studies, apartment and expenses for a year and asked nothing in return
– I sustained an injury to my knee while swimming in the sea with an elephant
– I have travelled to over 25 countries
– I speak fluently 3 languages and have mid-level understanding in 2 more
– I was a Girl Scout of America Troop leader while living in Saudi Arabia during COVID
– I struggled with infertility
– I once held a job title as an engineer for 2 years
– I was bullied as child
– I practice Aikido
– I wrote a children’s book

You got me! I am rubbish at golf… but I keep practicing and I am always in for a game!